Aynalem's Family

Aynalem is concerned she may have to give up her youngest son, as her husband struggles to provide for the family, including his two brothers who have been displaced because of the ongoing civil war.

Aynalem was born and raised in Korah with her family and attended school until she was in Grade 7. She fell in love as a teenager and gave birth to her first child by the time she was 18. Aynalem’s parents disapproved of their relationship, even though the child’s father brought milk and other items for his baby. For many years Aynalem worked different jobs, even travelling to another country to work as a maid, sending money back home for her family as they were raising her son. Upon her return, Aynalem reconnected and got married to her son’s father, and they had a second child. With Aynalem at home caring for her two year old, her husband’s income alone is not enough to provide for the family’s basic needs.

Monthly sponsorship will provide Aynalem’s family with holistic support such as food, housing, medical care, spiritual care, counselling, education, health and life skills training, income generation and business development opportunities. Being part of HFK’s Family Empowerment Program will also give this family an opportunity to participate in many of our daycare, education, and community programs.

CURRENT NEED per Month $260:  Sponsor $260 per mo.| $130 per mo.| $65 per mo.

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