Business Start-Ups

Business Development

Business start-ups equip families with the resources they need to move toward self-sufficiency. After completion of the S.M.A.R.T. Business Plan, families receive business consultation and guidance from our Income Generation (IG) Specialist and staff on how to move forward.

Business start-ups provide families with the capital needed to launch their businesses, and consist of a combination of the participant’s personal savings, Self-Help Group loans, and HFK grants earned through regular assessments, business training and completion of the S.M.A.R.T. Business Plan. The IG Specialist’s focus throughout this process is on equipping, guiding, teaching, and monitoring our families to ensure they feel competent and knowledgeable in the business or employment area of their choosing. Completing this milestone initiates a family’s 12 month transition out-of-sponsorship phase, the last step towards independence!

Lemma's Story

Hope and selfless love is so evident in the relationship that Lemma shares with his wife Tigist. Together they have overcome war, separation, disability, and extreme poverty, while remaining faithful and committed to one another.

Tigist and Lemma have actively engaged in Hope for Korah's Family Empowerment Program, and refined their skills and business knowledge through income generation and business training.

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