The Benefit Souk

Income Generation Program

“Souk” is Amharic for store.

Our families have enthusiastically caught onto the vision of saving through the implementation of our “Benefit Souk”. This is a system by which our HFK program participants can earn merit points through their participation in the Income Generation Program when displaying good work habits such as punctuality, producing quality products, team work and service to others. It has been a great way to foster dignity and encourage empowerment as families experience the satisfaction of working towards and purchasing items of their own choosing.

Every month or so on “Souk Day”, program participants wait in great anticipation until their name is drawn so that they can begin shopping! Many families spend their points on items that they would otherwise not be able to afford such as water containers, mattresses, shoes and clothing. There have also been touching, selfless moments such as when one of our ladies, Webayheu worked all month to earn points and on Souk Day, without hesitation she gave some to Beylanesh so she would have enough to buy shoes for her son. Beylanesh later gave all of her points to someone else who in turn was able to purchase a mattress. Community, generosity, dignity, self-esteem and empowerment – a few priceless products of the Benefit Souk!

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