In Loving Memory of Mehari

By: Eve PohlPosted On: July 3rd, 2020

This week, we grieve the sad passing of Mehari Hagos, a dear friend and beloved father.

Mehari loved his children and was the doting father of three girls – Tsegainesh, Ayanadis and Fanaye – he was a role model to all who knew him. Mehari was also very close with the Elders and visited them almost everyday.

Over 40 years ago, Mehari came to Korah in hope of a better life and to seek medical treatment.  He had been a carpenter by trade, but due to the tragic effects of leprosy, was unable to continue in this work in the countryside. Mehari was forced to beg on the streets. As a widower and father, he was overjoyed to enter our Family Empowerment program in 2013 and have access to consistent medical care through our clinic, food provisions for his family, and on-going education support for his daughters.

Mehari has been through many trials, and yet his gentle spirit and kind nature touched the hearts of many.  Mehari walked with a cane and wore prosthetic shoes. He struggled with severe asthma. He also had many health complications because of his compromised immune system. One of these was chronic arthritis, which naturally excluded him from many activities at our Income Generation compound. Despite all these challenges, Mehari took ownership of what he had to give. He chose to spend his time patiently teaching the women at the IG compound and the men in the Elders’ home how to knit. Many who have visited Korah have been the blessed recipient of Mehari’s handiwork and beautiful scarves.

Please pray for Mehari’s girls, his two oldest daughters are now orphaned. Please pray for comfort as they grieve and think about the future. Pray also for our Ethiopian staff and the community as they come around the girls as they mourn, and for our dear Elders, who will miss his presence at their home each day. He will be greatly missed.

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