Easter Luncheon with the Prime Minister of Ethiopia

By: Eve PohlPosted On: April 29th, 2022

We were invited - again!! Over the weekend, the Prime Minister, Dr Abiy Ahmed spent Easter Sunday in the Royal Palace with elders and other vulnerable people from the community, and we were so amazed to receive another invitation!

We have no idea how this came about… a few days earlier our women attended an Easter program hosted by the Prime Minister, and now, on Sunday, all of our basket weavers, elders and several staff (twenty in all), were guests at a beautiful Easter luncheon at the palace. It was a lovely and more intimate venue, as everyone was personally served lunch by the Prime Minister himself!

It was a very special and memorable experience for everyone. Below is the video shared by the Prime Minister's office. It is beautiful to see our ladies seated elegantly at the tables and several of our elders being interviewed for the video. Damte shared (at 1:12 & 3:47) "I am very happy that God has allowed me to be here with my friends and to enjoy such good food and drinks. I am so delighted that the government is doing this - May God bless our government!"

Then, after meeting the Prime Minister, Aragasse shared (at 2:30) " I felt so very happy when I was being served by the Prime Minister himself! It touched me to see him lower himself and be so humble. I have never seen or heard of anything like this before. May God bless him and bless his years!"

Leading by example, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed encouraged everyone to celebrate the holidays with the needy and to share what they have with those who are not able to provide for themselves.


To read about our first visit with the Prime Minister and watch our Country Director and ladies EBS News Interview go to our earlier Blog Post: Meeting Ethiopia's Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali 

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