Abel's Education

Abel is a smart, vibrant teenager living with his mother and younger brother.

He is responsible and self-motivated in his studies. We were first introduced to Abel when he was a baby, at which time his family was in great need. His grandfather, a leper, spent his days on the streets begging, and his grandmother had suffered a terrible accident. Receiving vital nutrition through HFK’s Berta Breakfast Program has been life-changing for Abel, allowing him to focus on school from a young age. Along with his studies, Abel spends time learning spiritual lessons as he prepares to become a deacon in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. He is also a member of an environment protection group stewarding the cleanliness of their community!

Abel is in Grade 8 at Joint Vision School, a private school which provides a higher standard of education, in smaller classrooms, with quality teaching and greater support from teachers. This Educational Sponsorship will cover tuition, uniform, textbooks, school supplies, after-school tutoring, youth activities, healthcare and Berta Breakfast every morning before school. In turn, this will help Abel break the cycle of poverty by empowering his mind and offering hope for a better future.

Current Need per Month $100: Sponsor $100 per mo. | $50 per mo.

Child Education Sponsorships are an important way to empower the younger generation in their schooling, and provides an avenue for hope and a future.


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