Amira's Education

Thank you! We are happy to share that Amira is sponsored!

Amira is a creative, self-motivated, and passionate young woman who is in need of post-secondary sponsorship. She is warm-hearted and has a strong desire to help her family and other people. Amira spends her spare time learning from motivational videos, attending an environmental club, and enjoys drawing with her younger sister.

Amira is the oldest daughter in her family, and has two brothers and two sisters. Her youngest brother has special needs and requires constant care. Her mother Leila, has been his primary caretaker, and prior to family sponsorship, their family struggled to survive on her father’s income as a daily labourer. Amira’s family is in the early stages of HFK family sponsorship, and her mother is now able to take necessary steps towards self-sufficiency and provision for her family.

Amira is currently taking preliminary university courses and hopes to pursue an accounting degree. She has big dreams for her future, which include establishing her own company that helps other organizations with their annual audits. Amira also seeks to reduce the unemployment rates in her country by hiring young university graduates and creating opportunities for their future as well! Amira has a strong understanding of empowerment and is already thinking of ways to help other students beyond herself.

We believe that post-secondary school will be an important and positive change in Amira’s life, and we are excited for this next step in her education journey. This education sponsorship will cover any fees, school supplies, materials, and transportation costs needed for her to complete her degree. In turn, this will help Amira break the cycle of poverty by empowering her mind and offering hope for a better future.

Photo of Amira's family:  Amira is in the center, with black scarf.

Current Need: NA

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