Eyob's Education

Eyob is a confident and studious child, showing artistic talent at a young age.

Overall, Eyob is a very good student, enjoying most subjects. This summer he attended special support classes to help improve his command of the English language. He regularly attends HFK's After-School Tutoring program with many of his friends. An active member of the children's small group program, Eyob is learning how to express himself and his ideas freely in a safe environment with other children his age. Eyob's family joined Hope for Korah when he was just 2 years old, and his mother has since graduated, working now as a guard and running her own spice business. He has 3 siblings and his grandmother also lives with the family. 

Eyob is 8 years old and enrolled in Grade 2 at Joint Vision School, a private school which provides a higher standard of education, in smaller classrooms, with quality teaching and greater support from teachers. This Educational Sponsorship will cover tuition, uniform, textbooks, school supplies, after-school tutoring, youth activities, and Berta Breakfast every morning before school. In turn, this will help Eyob break the cycle of poverty by empowering his mind and offering hope for a better future.

Current Need per Month $100: Sponsor $100 per mo. | $50 per mo.

Child Education Sponsorships are an important way to empower the younger generation in their schooling, and provides an avenue for hope and a future.


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