Fantanesh's Family

After enduring trauma at an early age, Fantanesh is now struggling to care for her disabled mother and three young children.  

Fantanesh was only a grade 1 student when her mother was severely injured in a construction accident. Since her father had died earlier on, Fantanesh was forced to survive on her own while her mother recovered in the hospital for a year and a half following her injuries.  To help support her mother, Fantanesh soon began earning money after school by braiding hair for women in her village.

After unexpectedly getting pregnant at the age of 17, Fantanesh's life changed drastically as she dropped out of school to be a mother. Unfortunately, the child's father took no responsibility, and several years later, Fantanesh married someone else who had given her hope that he would be a supportive husband and father. Only three months after their wedding, he too abandoned Fantanesh, leaving her pregnant with their twins.

Even with such a difficult life, Fantanesh has remained steadfast in her commitment to her children and her mother. Soon, with her one-year-old twins able to attend the HFK daycare, Fantanesh will have a great opportunity to apply her determined mindset towards self-empowerment and learning the skills she needs to support her family.

Monthly sponsorship will provide Fantanesh’s family with holistic support such as food, housing, medical care, spiritual care, counselling, education, health and life skills training, income generation and business development opportunities. Being part of HFK’s Family Empowerment Program will also give this family an opportunity to participate in many of our youth, education, and community programs.

CURRENT NEED per Month $260:  Sponsor $260 per mo. | $130 per mo.| $65 per mo.

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