Genet's Family

After gathering the courage to leave an abusive marriage, Genet desperately needs to find a means to provide for her three children.

Genet was born in the countryside where she was raised by her mother until she was nine years old, after which she was sent to work as a shepherd for her uncle. In exchange for all her years of labor, Genet’s uncle paid her in the form of a calf, which she sold in order to move to Addis Ababa around 14 years old. Here she found employment as a maid but was mistreated in this household. Later, Genet sought refuge with an older woman and began working as a day laborer. Soon she met her husband, and they found a place to live and start a family. However, over time things took a turn for the worse when Genet's husband began to treat her poorly. The burden grew to be too much, so Genet took her children and returned to her uncle.

Genet and her children now live in a small wood and mud hut, which is located next to a public toilet. Unable to afford daycare, Genet has turned to begging on the street to pay for the household expenses. She often skips meals and brings leftovers from restaurants to feed her children.

Monthly sponsorship will provide Genet’s family with holistic support such as food, housing, medical care, spiritual care, counselling, education, health and life skills training, income generation and business development opportunities. Being part of HFK’s Family Empowerment Program will also give this family an opportunity to participate in many of our youth, education, and community programs.

CURRENT NEED per Month $260:  Sponsor $260 per mo. | $130 per mo.| $65 per mo.

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