Hadessa's Education

Thank you! We are pleased to share that Hadessa is fully sponsored!

Hadessa is a precious, charismatic young girl who is part of our group of more vulnerable families. She lives with her older sister Kidist and her sweet mother Wahle. Wahle is very loving but her ability to care for Hadessa is greatly impaired due to serious physical challenges. Hadessa’s mother and sister used to sit and beg on the streets of Korah in order to provide for their little family. Wahle is only able to walk but a few steps with the support of a crutch, as she has irreparable nerve damage and crippling of both her legs and hands. Sadly, Hadessa’s sister also inherited this condition. Through sponsorship, this little family has been able to receive holistic support and move into a safe and caring environment!

Last year, Hadessa attended a local government school, but this year she will be attending a local private school. We believe Private School will be an important and positive change in Hadessa’s life, especially knowing her background and the impact her family’s physical challenges have had in her life story. This fall, Hadessa will be entering Grade 1 at Kore Brane Wengel school. We are excited for this next step in her education journey, as she has the opportunity to be taught in smaller classrooms, with greater support from teachers and receive Christian teaching. This Educational Sponsorship will cover tuition, textbooks, transportation, and school supplies. In turn, this will help Hadessa break the cycle of poverty by empowering her mind and offering hope for a better future.

Current Need: $0 per month

Child Education Sponsorships are an important way to empower the younger generation in their schooling, and provides an avenue for hope and a future.


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