Hanan's Education

Hanan is pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor by studying nursing at a private university.

Her passion for healthcare is deeply influenced by her mother Tiruwork's journey through illness and recovery. Hanan's family joined Hope for Korah over ten years ago, when her mother became part of the Economic Empowerment Program. Since then, we have witnessed the family face significant challenges, especially regarding Tiruwork's health.

Hanan explains her motivation for becoming a doctor in her own words: "There is a shortage of doctors in Ethoipia. In this country, many people are sick. I want to become a doctor to find a solution to my mother's illness. By the will of the Creator, I aim to please Him by helping those who suffer from pain. I discovered medicine for my mother's illness that change the lives of families. I have served weak people in my area by treating them for free."

Hanan is determined, studious, and highly engaged in HFK programs. We are confident she will achieve her dream of becoming a doctor! She volunteers regularly in HFK's Health Services program, where her compassionate nature truly shines. Hanan lives with her parents, older sister and younger brother. In addition to her medical aspirations, she also has a passion for fashion and clothing design.

We believe that post-secondary education will bring important and positive changes in Hanan's life, and we are excited for this next step in her educational journey. This sponsorship will cover fees, school supplies, materials, and transportation costs necessary for her to complete her diploma. In turn, this support will help Hanan break the cycle of poverty by empowering her and offering hope for a better future.

Current Need: $40 per mo.

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