Hayat's Family

Hayat and her husband are raising a large family, including a special needs child. They often do not have enough to feed their children.

After being orphaned as an infant, Hayat grew up with her grandmother, who provided for her by begging on the street. By the time she was 12 years old, Hayat lost her grandmother as well. Her aunt and uncle took her in, promising that she would be able to continue with school, but instead they forced her to work in their restaurant. Desiring a better job opportunity, Hayat travelled to another country for work, and sent her earnings back to her aunt. While she was abroad, her aunt passed away. Upon her return, Hayat tried to access the money she had been sending back home but her uncle denied knowing about it. Eventually, Hayat moved to Addis Ababa and found work at a construction site, where she met her husband and started a family with him.

Together Hayat and her husband have five children, including a daughter with special needs. Hayat’s husband also endured much trauma as a child, and during his time as a soldier in the military, was wounded in his arm and leg, making it hard for him to find appropriate work. This leaves the financial burden solely on Hayat’s shoulders, and she often relies on her employer or friends for food.

Monthly sponsorship will provide Hayat’s family with holistic support such as food, housing, medical care, spiritual care, counselling, education, health and life skills training, income generation and business development opportunities. Being part of HFK’s Family Empowerment Program will also give this family an opportunity to participate in many of our youth, education, and community programs.

CURRENT NEED per Month $130:  Sponsor $260 per mo. | $130 per mo.| $65 per mo.

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