Edilawit's Education

A creative and energetic young girl, Edilawit enjoys being a part of HFK's music club and playing on the Girls' Soccer Team.

When she was a child, Edilawit missed out on some basic educational concepts, therefore she studies hard and attends HFK's After-School Tutoring Program to help improve her understanding. Her academic interests include Math and General Sciences. Edilawit is 13 years old and lives with her parents and three siblings. Her family has been part of Hope for Korah for many years and her mother, Bayush, has now graduated and is a member of HFK's Basket Weavers Cooperative! Edilawit's father has been a constant in her life but has suffered from some chronic issues which have greatly affected the family over the years.

Edilawit is entering Grade 6 at Joint Vision School, a private school which provides a higher standard of education, in smaller classrooms, with quality teaching and greater support from teachers. This Educational Sponsorship will cover tuition, uniform, textbooks, school supplies, after-school tutoring, youth activities, and Berta Breakfast every morning before school. In turn, this will help Edilawit break the cycle of poverty by empowering her mind and offering hope for a better future.

CURRENT NEED per Month $100:  Sponsor $100 per mo. | $50 per mo.

Child Education Sponsorships are an important way to empower the younger generation in their schooling, and provides an avenue for hope and a future.


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