Shashe’s Family

Thank you! We are pleased to share that Shashe's family is fully sponsored!

We met Shashe the day after she and her children barely escaped a ravaging fire that engulfed their home at the trash dump. Shashe is a sweet and young mother living with her husband and three young children in Korah. Raised in the countryside, Shashe and Workineh had their marriage arranged when Shashe was just 12 and Workineh was 15 years old. They moved to Korah in search of better opportunities and ended up finding a one-room home made of wood and plastic to rent. When a fire at the trash dump engulfed their home, thankfully the family escaped alive, though Workineh and their daughter sustained serious burns in the fire. We initially supported this family through the aftermath and the hospitalization of their daughter. Without sponsorship, Shashe and Workineh would likely be living in yet another unsafe home and would still be scavenging at the dump in order to provide for their children.

Through sponsorship Shashe's family is able to receive holistic support such as such as food, housing, medical care, spiritual care and counselling, education, health and life skills training, income generation and business development opportunities. Being part of HFK’s Family Empowerment Program will also give this family an opportunity to participate in many of our community and youth programs.

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