Yesabe's Family

When we first met Yesabe, she was very sick and hardly able to hear due to an acute, untreated ear infection and ruptured ear drum.

She and her daughter Habtame, were living in a mud home and survived by scavenging off of the Korah garbage dump. Previously, Yasabe’s sister used to let them live in her compound but after a disagreement she began to charge Yasabe high rent. This resulted in Yesabe scavenging at the dump to pay for the rent her sister demanded.  

However, when we met her, she was too weak to scavenge and she relied on her sister’s & daughter’s support in order to survive. Life is tough for her daughter.  Habtame is fully responsible to help her mother & her aunt, working temporarily at a café in the summer to purchase her school fees for her own education. Habtame is currently enrolled in grade 9, even though she is 19 years old.  

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