Yesewlik's Children

Help Keep Yesewlik's kids together! Tragedy struck their family when their mother, who was in our HFK program died.

Three years ago, we posted a sponsorship plea for five orphaned siblings whose mother was tragically killed over a land dispute.  We shared how these kids were deeply affected by the loss of their mother Yesewlik, and how “it would take a village” to rally around them. In response, many came alongside this precious family and now with we see the incredible youth they have become!

There is a very special the bond between these five siblings. All of us at HFK see the outstanding strength, resiliency and hard work displayed in these siblings lives in spite of their given circumstances. They are all working hard in school and striving to become their best selves.There is so much promise for their future despite the pain they have endured. We know their mom would be so proud of who they are becoming!

CURRENT NEED: Due to inflation and the rising costs of fully providing for these children, they are needing an additional $285 per month in shared sponsorship support. Sponsoring this family, will help to provide a clean, safe home, groceries, education, medical care, and caring support. Through HFK they are also able to participate in many of our community and youth programs such as soccer, drama club and after-school tutoring.

If you would like to become a part of their “village” please use the donation button (US SPONSORS) or sponsorship form (CANADA SPONSORS) below.

Current Need per Month $285:   Shared Sponsorship -  $285, $130 or $65

US Sponsorship:

For U.S. sponsorships/tax receipts, please use the "GIve a U.S. Donation" button and enter the name of who you are sponsoring in the notes field. In dropdown menu, allocate to "Family Empowerment & Sponsorship".  

Once recieved, HFK's Sponsorship Manager will contact you and confirm your sponsorship of Yesewlik's children.

Canadian Sponsorship:

For Canadian sponsorships please use the secure online donation form below.