Skill Building and Artisanship

Income Generation Programs

Income Generation is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. This program provides participants the opportunity to receive training in a variety of skills such as sewing, weaving, rug making, knitting, jewelry creation and basketry.

The purpose of having our families participate in this program is not only to develop artisan skills, but to provide men and women the opportunity to learn valuable employment and life skills that are transferable and beneficial in any area of work. Numbers of women come into our program unable to make a repetitive pattern or hold a scissor, while others enter with some previous experience in a certain craft, and both groups given the opportunity, tools and further instruction, are able to produce high quality artisan products.

During this learning process participants grow in confidence, self-esteem, problem-solving ability and community. No longer having to focus their time and energy on survival, many participants begin to dream for the first time and explore their own desires and abilities, with the ultimate goal of becoming self-sufficient and providing for their own families.

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