The Elders' Leprosy Home

These elderly men were living in inhumane conditions, crammed into corners of filthy, rat-infested, make-shift shacks.

They have spent their lives being ostracized, persecuted, and feared because of their disease. Most have lost everything they once held dear. Without the HFK Elders' Home, these men would still be living in squalor, some not even alive due to their complicated health issues. With God's help, the HFK Elders' Home has become a true refuge. It offers a safe, loving haven for elderly lepers who have been mistreated, outcast and forgotten.  Their immense gratitude to God and to all who love and support them can be felt, the moment you walk in their door.  

Your support will bring hope, dignity and joy to their lives!  A monthly sponsorship or one-time gift towards the Elders' Leprosy Home helps to provide a clean & safe living environment, daily caregivers, groceries, meal preparation, medical support, clothing, weekly bibles studies, meaningful activities and monthly outings.

Read more about the Elders' Leprosy Home or sponsor the Elders below. 

Current Need per Month: Shared Sponsorship - $30, $60 or $120 per mo.

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