After School Tutoring

The Tutoring Program & The Kids' Souk (Store)

The HFK Tutoring Program is continually developing to meet the learning needs of children in our programs.

Due to poverty and life circumstances, children’s education in Korah is often quite fragmented. Therefore, it is HFK’s desire to provide strong tutoring support to bolster children’s education and to help fill in gaps which might otherwise interfere with their academic success. Tutoring is available throughout the week to Elementary and High school aged children. Subjects include Math, English, Reading, Writing, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

HFK has introduced the Children’s ‘Souk’ (Amharic for store) to encourage students’ participation in the tutoring program. During tutoring lessons each day, children are given the opportunity to earn points through displaying qualities such as good work ethic, participation, attendance, and performance. Every month or so students get to ‘shop’ at the Souk, exchanging their points for new clothes, candies, toys, shoes and more! This is a great way to create a fun incentive for students, while impressing the importance of education.

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