Water for Korah

Bringing Hope to Abune Basilios School

School of 5,000 has no access to water. Students had not washed their hands in two years.

Situated next to the trash dump, children from Abune Basilios School are from the poorest families in Korah. With 4,842 students and 265 staff, we were shocked to find out they had not washed their hands in two years!  Why? No water. Neither had their toilets been cleaned for two years!!  Can you imagine? The sanitation was horrible. Teachers would not work there because of the stench.

Every day 20 support staff walked 1 km to the nearest water source and returned carrying 25 L of water on their backs. The school was gifted 9 cows for milk, but they required too much water and were about to be sold.  Without water this school was struggling.

In February 2021, HFK responded by trucking in 20,000 L of water every week. Now students wash hands once a day and toilets are cleaned twice a week. The cows are staying and 900 kindergartners drink milk!

But the need is much greater - 60,000 L per week! 

We want to do more and we need your help!  Water can change this school and empower these children. Effective immediately, HFK will be delivering  60,000 L of water every week! We also want to repair the 31 year old well that sits broken on the property.

When the Principal heard this good news, he was in disbelief...

This is our biggest need, there is nothing more I could ask for… You have given us hope that we can solve this problem. Thank you!"

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