Learning and Academic Support

Offering After-School Tutoring & Educational Supports

Due to poverty and life circumstances, children’s education in Korah is often quite fragmented. Conditions in Korah also make it very challenging for students to find a proper study space. Most families live in very crowded, poorly lit rooms where every family activity takes place, making it very difficult to concentrate or to work on homework.

HFK's desire is to provide learning and academic support to bolster children's education and help fill in gaps which might otherwise interefere with their academic success. Our aim is to support students through a variety of intentional ways:

After-School Tutoring Program

HFK offers a strong after-school tutoring program at different grade levels in all key subject areas. We also provide a special learning support program for kids with significant learning challenges,  build relationships with local schools to provide better follow up for struggling students and engage parents to support and encourage their children's learning. 

We have been careful to recruit tutors who understand the academic and personal struggles our kids face, and can identify and help with their learning needs. In addition, we've also hired a very passionate Special Education teacher to coordinate and provide tutors with ongoing training in this area.

Other Educational Supports

Youth may use the HFK Library to access supplementary learning materials, a quiet study space, and computers. Academic awards, career counselling, a college support group, and field trips are some other ways we seek to support learning and academic progress. 

Learning & Academic Support Blog Posts

Visit our Blog to read more Youth Education news, updates and stories.

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