Temesgen's Education

An athletic and active young man, Temesgen's life has changed drastically since his family came to Hope for Korah.

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During his childhood, Temesgen's family was in deep poverty. His mother, Serkalem, was struggling to survive with 3 young children, begging in the streets and scavenging at the trash dump for scraps of food or items to sell. By the time HFK became aquainted with this family's dire situation, Temesgen's mother was critically ill and in need of medical attention. Fast forward 12 years, and this family is thriving! Serkalem is now a highly skilled basket weaver and trainer, and Temesgen and his siblings have flourished as a result of proper nutrition, youth programs, and private school opportunities. Temesgen's favorite subjects are Math, Health & Physical Education, and Information Communication Technologies. He is a member of the HFK Boys' Soccer Club and loves to spend time at the Berta Compound with his friends.

Temesgen is 17 years old and in Grade 9 at Liza School, a private school which provides a higher standard of education, in smaller classrooms, with quality teaching and greater support from teachers. This Educational Sponsorship will cover tuition, uniform, textbooks, school supplies, after-school tutoring, youth activities, and Berta Breakfast every morning before school. In turn, this will help Temesgen break the cycle of poverty by empowering his mind and offering hope for a better future.

Current Need per Month $45: Sponsor $45 per mo.


Child Education Sponsorships are an important way to empower the younger generation in their schooling, and provides an avenue for hope and a future.


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