Youth Clubs & Activities

A Safe Haven for the Youth of Korah

It is our joy to witness the beautiful forms of learning, self-expression, creativity, and friendship that come out of children participating in special clubs and activities.

Many of HFK's youth clubs were created organically, as students began expressing their desire to engage in certain interests and hobbies together.

HFK has several Fine Arts Clubs, including music, art, and drama. 

There are Academic Clubs for students who want to learn new skills such as reading, computer / ICT skills, and sign language.

The "Kindness Club" was created by a number of students with a desire to serve their community; they continue to serve in many ways such as picking up trash in the neighborhood, organizing small fundraising events and using funds for purchasing groceries or preparing meals or holiday celebrations and dancing for marginalized families and elders in the larger community.

The Youth Empowerment Centre also serves as a hub for special events such as campfires, movie nights, holiday festivities, mentorship programs, and extravagant productions put on by the fine arts students.

By pouring into the young people of Korah, we believe we are investing in the next generation of future leaders!

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Youth Activities Blog Posts

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