Post Secondary Education

Moving Forward Program

Moving Forward is a HFK post-secondary sponsorship program for young adults who would like to apply for assistance to help further their education.

This is a critical need that will be growing steadily as more HFK students graduate from high school and pursue different vocational opportunities. Moving Forward provides students with options to pursue post-secondary education in various fields or trades of their choosing. This can be a scary and challenging step for young adults in Korah due to the generational impacts of poverty which have often limited their choice and exposure to different types of educational and career opportunities. We are so proud of our young students who exercise their resilience over adversity every day as they seek to continue learning and brightening their futures.

In order to encourage a sense of ownership in this process, students are required to invest in their education in some way. Students are given a choice between volunteering for a set number of hours per week with HFK, or contributing in some way towards the cost of their education. HFK believes that building accountability, leadership skills, and community are also important aspects of equipping young adults for success in their lives.

Moving Forward Sponsorship costs $50/ month and provides:

  • Tuition fees
  • Textbooks & supplies
  • Hope and a future to a young person

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