Available Sponsorships

Children and Families Needing Sponsors

Sponsorship changes lives! Becoming a sponsor has an immediate and far-reaching impact. It also offers an opportunity to develop a unique and meaningful relationship with a family or child in need. HFK has sponsorships available for families, orphaned children, post-secondary students, and the Elders’ Home.

These can be shared between several individuals, families, or groups. Each HFK family has two full sponsors and current needs can vary based on the number of other current sponsors. Available sponsorship options are included in the description of each family or individual below.

A Compelling Home Visit with Senayet

Food is scarce for Aregash and her family, who are living in a temporary home at a construction site. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Eldana is a spunky and outgoing 5-year-old who enjoys school and makes friends easily. Current Need: $75 per month

Eyob is a confident and studious child, showing artistic talent at a young age. Current Need: $100 or $50 per month

After enduring trauma at an early age, Fantanesh is now struggling to care for her disabled mother and three young children.   Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Fikir is a strong, energetic mother seeking to change her family’s future through dedication and hard work. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Desperate and alone, Fikir begs daily for food for her daughters, while she often skips meals to ensure they are fed. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

After gathering the courage to leave an abusive marriage, Genet desperately needs to find a means to provide for her three children. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Hayat and her husband are raising a large family, including a special needs child. They often do not have enough to feed their children. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Meresa is a single mother who was abandoned by her husband and left to raise her children alone. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Mulu is a reserved single mother who lives by the trash dump and is struggling to provide for her son. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Selam dropped out of school to escape an early marriage, and now faces financial stress and instability. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

An athletic and active young man, Temesgen's life has changed drastically since his family came to Hope for Korah. Current Need: $45 per month

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