Taking Action

Working Together For Hope

Would YOU like to share the impact of Hope for Korah with others? We need your help! ​​​​​Whether sponsoring a family, throwing a fundraiser or writing “pray for Korah” on your to-do list this week: we’d love to have you come alongside the families, children & elders in Korah.

Browse a few ideas below to get started:

One way to make an impact in the community of Korah is through becoming a sponsor. Through your support, many different Hope for Korah programs are tangibly bringing hope and transformation to the lives of individuals - physically, socially, emotionally, economically, and spiritually. Sponsorships can be shared by friends, small groups, or churches.

We invite you to click on the links below to learn more about becoming a HFK sponsor:

It is a great privilege to work alongside our wonderful Ethiopian staff and beneficiaries. It takes a great deal of strength, support, and courage for families and children to overcome the many challenges that poverty places in their way. We welcome prayers for the health and strength of our beneficiaries as they gain confidence in their intrinsic abilities, learn new skills, stretch their minds through education and training, and take steps toward self-sufficiency. We also welcome prayers for our leadership and staff in Ethiopia and Canada – to have wisdom and discernment in how to work collaboratively with the community of Korah to bring holistic transformation to those who need it.

A Prayer for Korah
This prayer is the foundation of HFK. It was placed on the heart of HFK’s Founder, Eve Pohl after returning home from her first visit to Korah in 2010. Through the prayers of many God is moving in Korah.

Become a HFK Prayer Partner
Join us in praying for Korah and receive HFK prayer need updates. Email us to become a prayer partner today!

Your creativity is the only limit when it comes to fundraising for Korah! Each year we are humbled by the generosity, creativity, and passion that individuals and groups across North America invest into spreading awareness and fundraising for our programs in Korah. You can host a movie night, plan a dinner, pancake breakfast, sporting event, garage sale, car wash or even do a used clothing drive.

Individual or Small Group Fundraiser

  • You or your small group can host a fundraising event such as listed above.
  • One option is to set up a third-party fundraiser online. See below for more information on third-party Fundraisers.
  • Consider “Sharing” the support – Create a Facebook Challenge! Invite your friends to match your one-month donation to your favorite HFK Program listed above. In a matter of days or even hours, with only the click of your post and 12 “Likes”, you could raise what is needed to change someone’s life!

Special Occasion Fundraiser
At your next birthday, wedding, anniversary, or baby shower, you may consider collecting donations for Korah in lieu of gifts. One option for this idea, is to set up a third-party fundraiser online through Canada Helps. See below for more information on third-party Fundraisers.

School, Church, Company, or Organization Fundraiser
Further your impact, by inviting your school, church, company, or other organization to help fundraise for Korah. To support this campaign, your organization could choose to set up a third-party fundraiser. See below for more information on third-party Fundraisers.

Kids Helping Kids
Kids Clubs, Sunday Schools and Youth Groups are often inspired when learning about global issues and children living in extreme poverty. Kids can make a difference! We have had numbers of schools and youth groups creatively raise funds for children in our Berta Breakfast Program, After-School Tutoring, and Youth programs in Korah.

Setting Up A Third-party Fundraiser
Interested in setting up a third-party fundraiser? We are happy to help and can work with you to help set up your own fundraising webpage. Email us to get started!

Do you have a group of friends or an entire class that is passionate about helping to end poverty? You can create a Korah Club and work together to raise awareness and plan fundraisers for the children and families living in Korah. One amazing group of middle-school students in Oregon has a Korah Club in their school and they have already raised thousands of dollars to make a difference in Korah through hosting pancake breakfasts, art sales and many other fundraisers throughout the year!


Consider "Sharing" the support - Create a Facebook Challenge! Invite your friends to match your one-month donation to your favorite HFK Program listed above. In a matter of days or even hours, with only the click of your post and 12 "Likes", you could raise what is needed for an entire year to change someone's life!

If you are a school-aged child or teen in North America, and are interested in getting connected with a friend in Ethiopia, we welcome you to check out our Brother Sister Friend Program! Twice a year you can exchange letters and photos with your friend in Ethiopia, learn about each other’s culture, and support each other through prayer and connection. Click on the Brother Sister Friend Program to learn about how you can join!

Schools & Students Taking Action

and making a difference in Korah!

Providence Hall Junior High

Thank you to the Leadership Team and students at Providence Hall Junior High in Herriman, Utah. Through their “We Are All Important” Campaign and informative video clip, they raised their student body’s global awareness and over $1000 towards the Berta Breakfast Program in Korah!

John Calvin School

Thank you to all of the students, parents and teachers of John Calvin School in Chilliwack, B.C. Their Principal offered his head to be buzzed if the student body raised over $2,000 for Hope for Korah. They responded and raised a 'hair' under $4,000 for the Berta Breakfast Program!

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