Available Sponsorships

Children and Families Needing Sponsors

Sponsorship changes lives! Becoming a sponsor has an immediate and far-reaching impact. It also offers opportunity for a unique and meaningful relationship with a family or child in need. HFK has sponsorships available for families, orphaned children, post-secondary students, and the Elders’ Home.

These can be shared between several individuals, families, or groups. Each HFK family has two full sponsors and current needs can vary based on the number of other current sponsors. Available sponsorship options are included in the description of each family or individual below.

Wahle is a loving mother of two sweet girls but her ability to care for her children is greatly impaired due to serious physical challenges. Current Need: $110 or $55 per month

Meaza is a young mother with a quick smile, despite her sad circumstances. When she was a child, both her parents passed away and she came to Korah to work for her aunt as a maid. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Birhane and her husband scavenged at the Korah garbage dump for eight years to provide for their family. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Thank you! We are pleased to share that Kalkidan is sponsored! Current Need: $0 per month

Ayisha has suffered many tragic losses, and she has spent most of her life surviving from one day to the next. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

A few months after losing their mother, these three orphaned siblings arrived at our doorstep, grieving and afraid with no means of steering through the fog that lay ahead of them. Current Need: $100 or $50 per month

Emaweye is blind and she moved to Korah 23 years ago, hoping to find medical treatment for her eyes. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Help Keep Yesewlik's kids together! Tragedy struck their family 1 1/2 years ago, when their mother, who was in our HFK program, headed to the countryside to settle a land dispute. Current Need: $120 or $60 per month

Maritu and her husband Beyadge have been married for 20 years and they have spent many of those years providing for their 3 children through begging or scavenging at the garbage dump. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

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