Available Sponsorships

Children and Families Needing Sponsors

Sponsorship changes lives! Becoming a sponsor has an immediate and far-reaching impact. It also offers opportunity for a unique and meaningful relationship with a family or child in need. HFK has sponsorships available for families, orphaned children, post-secondary students, and the Elders’ Home.

These can be shared between several individuals, families, or groups. Each HFK family has two full sponsors and current needs can vary based on the number of other current sponsors. Available sponsorship options are included in the description of each family or individual below.

A Compelling Home Visit with Senayet

Hirut has a new baby and is the mother three children. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

After moving to Addis and being forced into an unhealthy marriage, Ayisha became pregnant and was left to fend for herself. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Negesu and her husband Mekonnen lived near the Korah trash dump with their two sons Tizatu & Bereket. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Denenet is a gentle, soft-spoken mother who lives with her four children in a small one-room mud home. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Gadisse is a single mother of two children and has never been to school. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Fantanesh is a resourceful and determined, widowed mother of twin girls who survived by scavenging at the trash dump. Current Need: $130 or $65 per month

Thank you! We are pleased to share that Shashe's family is fully sponsored! Current Need: $0 per month

A few months after losing their mother, these three orphaned siblings arrived at our doorstep, grieving and afraid with no means of steering through the fog that lay ahead of them Current Need: $120 or $60 per month

These elderly men were living in inhumane conditions, crammed into corners of filthy, rat-infested, make-shift shacks. Current Need: $30, $60 or $120 per month

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