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The Tutoring Program & The Kids' Souk (Store)

The HFK Tutoring Program is continually developing to meet the learning needs of children in our programs.

Due to poverty and life circumstances, children’s education in Korah is often quite fragmented. Therefore, it is HFK’s desire to provide strong tutoring support to bolster children’s education and to help fill in gaps which might otherwise interfere with their academic success. Tutoring is available throughout the week to Elementary and High school aged children. Subjects include Math, English, Reading, Writing, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.


In 2021 we've had to make some big changes to our after-school tutoring program!

After the Covid19 lock-down, Ethiopian children returned back to school on a 3-day rotation. This means school is in session 6 days per week and in order to support our 243 students, HFK has had to expand our after-school tutoring to all-day tutoring! We now run classes for grades 1-11, morning and afternoon, six days per week. To teach these children, we’ve hired eight tutors for Amharic, English, Math, Physics and Chemistry. We’ve also hired a computer instructor for our NEW COMPUTER LAB! We have been careful to recruit tutors who understand the academic and personal struggles our kids face, and can identify and help with their learning needs. In addition, we've also hired a very passionate Special Education teacher to coordinate and provide tutors with ongoing training in this area. We are excited to see the impact all of this will have on our students.

Due to changes, the tutoring budget has tripled, if you would like to help change lives through the power of education, please give to HFK’s Tutoring Program


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