Celebrating Epiphany and New Beginnings!

By: Eve PohlPosted On: January 20th, 2020

JOY - The best word to describe our first day back in Korah! 

Because joy is what we saw on everyone's faces (including our own) as our families and staff had prepared an amazing Epiphany feast and special program to celebrate the holiday, our arrival and HFK's new beginning as an INGO! Every last detail was carefully and lovingly planned out including the beautiful Ethiopian dress and scarves which were gifts that were given to each team member the night before upon our arrival at the Addis Ababa airport.

All of us were so grateful to be together and for the great things God has done. And in His perfect timing, we even had Berhanu and Emily Mekonnen who currently live in the U.S. join us. In 2011 Berhanu (who is originally from Korah)  became our first program manager and worked with us to establish our Family Sponsorship Program, Elders' Home and much more. Meanwhile Emily (who is from Oregon and later became Berhanu's wife) used her nursing skills, along with medical supplies dispersed from her backpack to serve those in need. Eventually this grew to become our HFK Medical Clinic.  To have them both back in Korah to see all that God has continued to do and all that they have helped to build was a very big and unexpected blessing!

It was all very meaningful - a very special day we won't forget!

In Ethiopia, Epiphany is a highly revered holiday in the Orthodox Christian church and is celebrated in a festival called Timket which occurs 12 days after Ethiopian Christmas (January 7th). We hope you will enjoy all the wonderful photos of our special celebration together below.

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