First Day at Basilios School - Berta Breakfast Program

By: Eve PohlPosted On: June 1st, 2021

HFK's NEW Berta Breakfast Program has officially launched at Abune Basilios School!

This program targets kindergarten and special needs children who have been identified as having an inadequate food supply at home. Being concerned for their development the school asked HFK to partner with them and we are now providing 120 children a highly nutritious breakfast consisting of fortified Berta pancakes, alongside a protein and fresh vegetables or fruit.

It was so sweet to receive these photos/video and watch the tentative anticipation as these children receive their first Berta Breakfast. 

Thank you to our staff in Ethiopia who have worked so hard to make this possible and to all those in North America who have supported the Berta Breakfast program through your faithful giving and prayers.

Together we are changing these children's lives!

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