"Welcome and Orientation Day" for our New Families

By: Eve PohlPosted On: December 3rd, 2021

This week we received some encouraging updates and photos from Ethiopia as our new families participated in a special welcome orientation and luncheon!

The day began with a special coffee ceremony and all the department leaders, social workers, and additional staff were present to connect with the new families. The women received a tour and overview of the programs offered at each of our compounds, including the Economic Empowerment, Berta and Youth, Daycare and Health Services centers. In addition they received a detailed explanation of the activities and goals involved during each phase of our Family Empowerment program.

Sosena, our Country Director, reflected that the rejection, trauma and pain experienced by these families was evident on their faces as they entered the compound. Many are coming from very desperate situations. Yet, even after a few hours of connecting with one another, receiving detailed information about the program activities, trainings, and supports that they will be receiving, you could see the seeds of hope and empowerment being planted in these women's lives. This is just a glimpse of the deep transformation to come over the next 3 years!

To end the day, our social workers met with each new mom to sign an agreement of roles and responsibilities. This is to signify a two way commitment - HFK's commitment to provide education, support & empowerment through various programs; and a commitment by families to attend, participate, and utilize the opportunities and trainings being offered. As we reflect on this day, we truly see what an immense privilege it is to be a part of these families' lives and look forward to growing with them in the years to come!

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