University Students Volunteer in Korah

By: Eve PohlPosted On: February 11th, 2021

This week our staff recognized and thanked three lovely university students from outside of Korah, who have been volunteering on a regular basis at our Youth Empowerment Center.

Using Biblical principles, they have been engaging and inspiring our children in activities and stories that teach important values and life lessons, along with God's deep love for each one of them. During their four months with Hope for Korah (HFK), they spent most of their time with our kids, so, on their last day, they also wanted to visit with the elders and brought with them a delicious loaf of traditional Ethiopian bread.

It was a special way to end their time with HFK and we wish them all the best as they continue on in their studies at various universities in Addis, Diredawa and Wolaita Sodo. May God abundantly bless each one of them!

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