Recognition from Local Sub-City Office in Addis Ababa

By: Eve PohlPosted On: June 26th, 2020

THANK YOU to all of our ETHIOPIAN STAFF who do the hard work on the ground and to all of our GENEROUS DONORS - without you, this work would not be possible!

A few days ago Hope for Korah received a surprise visit from the local Kolfe Keranyo sub-city office in Addis Ababa to thank us for our emergency response to Covid-19. Hope for Korah was awarded this certificate and deep appreciation was given for our collaborative work and coordination with the government in three areas:

1. Providing and distributing emergency food, hygiene and sanitary materials to families.

2. Purchasing a water tank for the sub-city, so that a public hand washing station could be set up on the street for all of the community to use.

3. For the HFK Medical Clinic’s ongoing service and for remaining open during the pandemic; providing free medical care and medication to our beneficiaries.

Thank you to all - we truly are “Working together for Hope!”


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