Hope for Korah - Who We Are - Mission and Values

Who We Are

Mission and Values

Loosening the yoke of extreme poverty in Korah, Ethiopia and bringing hope to those who live there Isaiah 58:6-7

Our purpose is to keep families together and healthy. Using a holistic approach, we seek to act towards breaking the cycle of urban poverty through the love and compassion of Christ; offering hope and a future so that families can come to know their inherent worth, meet their full potential, live with dignity, become self-reliant, actively participate and advocate within their community, serve others and in turn, bring long-term sustainable change to the Korah community at large.

We are committed to serving and empowering the people of Korah and we do so through partnership with a local Ethiopian charity named Kore Great Hope Charity (KGHC). Our desire is to come alongside these Ethiopian leaders, the Korah community and local government supporting them in their vision and dreams for their people.

We seek to live out our values of sustainability and cultural competency. To achieve this, HFK dedicates its efforts to an attainable and permanent strategy through our partnership with KGHC. All HFK programs are administered through KGHC and through them, we employ approximately 35 Ethiopian staff. Many of these staff live within the Korah community. They include a program manager, social workers, community development workers, nurses, income generation specialist, tutors, teachers, caregivers, daycare nannies, cleaners, cooks, and guards.

All that we do centers around holistic care and the process of transformational development, which we believe can impact the entire community through respecting the inherent worth of each person being made in God’s image and empowering them physically, psychologically, economically, socially, and spiritually.

How We Work

Hope for Korah Ministries (HFK) is a registered charity with Revenue Canada under BN #856425780RR0001. In the United States HFK partners with International Disciple Training Inc and receives grants from GiveClear Foundation, both 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.

The vast majority of HFK's programs and activities are centred in Ethiopia, with some in Mexico. In Ethiopia, we support and execute all our programs through Kore Great Hope Charity (KGHC), a licensed Ethiopian charity. We have one American missionary in Ethiopia, who functions as our North American Liaison with KGHC and we have regular short-term teams and Board members on the ground. Hope for Korah, through it's Board, Executive Director and North American Liaison is in ongoing communication with KGHC, ensuring financial accountability, program development and implementation of all charitable activities rendered in Korah, Ethiopia.


Interview recorded January 2015.

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