Bereket; Deeply Loved and Terribly Missed

By: Eve PohlPosted On: August 31st, 2022

We can really use your prayers. Yesterday, we lost one of our precious children, Bereket, in a tragic drowning accident.

He was only 8 years old. Please pray for his mother Tamo, and his three siblings who are reeling from the shock. The circumstances surrounding the accident and everyone's close relationship to this child, have left many traumatized. Please pray also for his young friend who was with him at the river, for our staff who love him dearly and for all of our families. As one of our mothers said this morning, "This was our child, he is family, we raised him together." This tragedy has impacted everyone. We are all broken-hearted.


On Friday night, September 2nd,  those who loved him most gathered together for a candlelit vigil to honor Bereket's life. He was a gentle boy with an unassuming smile and eyes that twinkled with character. He loved playing basketball, and would light up with joy whenever he made a basket after many exhaustive attempts. He was deeply loved by many and his absence is a void that will not be quickly filled.

Please continue to pray for Bereket's family, the Korah community, and for our staff. The pain of losing Bereket has deeply impacted our community, and many are still reeling from grief as they support each other through this unexpected tragedy.

Together, we remember a beautiful young boy; dearly loved, and full of unmistakable charm.

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