In Loving Memory of Yabsira

By: Eve PohlPosted On: July 21st, 2023

It is with such deep sorrow and heavy hearts that we share the very sad news of Yabsira's passing. Many of you have been praying for him over the last few months as he lay unconscious in ICU, fighting for his life. Thank you. God has been very present.

Yabsira was a precious 8 year old boy whose life and health from first breath, was filled with many challenges. However one thing that Yabsira never lacked, was love. His mother Emiwedet adored him. I will never forget the day, on June 23, 2017 when we met them both for the very first time. Yabsira was a tiny baby, fragile and underweight, swaddled tightly onto his sweet mama’s back. Emiwedet was desperate and alone, fighting the stigma of her own health issues and that of her child, and with no means of providing either of them with the critical medical care, food or shelter they needed. It was heartbreaking and those of us with her, could not hold back the tears.

Since that day, the journey for Yabsira was never easy, but also filled with many prayed for milestones and beautiful moments. He was a gift to all of us and it brought us great joy to come alongside him, to celebrate his victories and to see his tender love and connection with his mom. Please pray for Emiwedet. It is very hard to see her so devastated. Our staff and families are loving and supporting her in every way we know how, but only Jesus can heal the broken-hearten.

Intertwined with the pain, we do take comfort in knowing that Yabsira is no longer suffering and that he is now in the very real presence of Jesus. We can just picture him, sitting on Jesus lap, looking up with his sweet smile and sparkling eyes into the loving face of Jesus. We can picture too, in return, Jesus’ heart filled with tender joy as He looks down on this precious boy and hugs him close.

Yabsira, we will miss you terribly but we are so glad you are free and being held in such loving arms - until we meet again!

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