Thank you for an Amazing Night!! An Evening for Korah 2022

By: Eve PohlPosted On: November 3rd, 2022

What an incredible evening as so many gathered together for Korah! 

Thank you to everyone who joined us both online and in-person, making this the best Evening for Korah yet! The atmosphere of compassion and generosity was palpable. Each photograph below captures a different piece of the benevolence, love and support poured out for Korah. With God's help this night will surely bring much hope and transformation to the children and families living there.

The livestream program featured compelling stories of hope and transformation, as we heard from those who courageously shared how their lives have been changed through the support of Hope for Korah. We also heard from our Ethiopian staff whose passion and commitment are second to none, and who are working tirelessly to bring sustainable change to this community. If you missed the livestream program, you can still watch it online below.

We are also very grateful for the many people who came together to make this night possible, including the wonderful staff and chef at the Clarion Hotel, the talented and witty auctioneers Ken Friesen and Bryan Brandsma, for Andrea Bravo sharing her musical talents on the piano, for VanBelle Nursery's donation of beautiful trees and plants combined with Elegant Décor's donations, making for a lovely setting, for Bob Brandsma's tireless efforts acquiring auction donations, for those who generously gave auction items and for Andrew Lukianiuk Photography and his super talented tech team and Valley Tech, for bringing our program to life both in the room and online! 

AND TO OUR MANY DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS who helped with all the details, preparations and clean up; making for an amazing night - thank you!!

All of us at Hope for Korah thank God for providing such a special evening that is sure to have a lasting impact on the children and families in Korah. 

Thank you everyone, for truly, "Working Together for Hope!"

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