World Hunger Day - Fighting Malnutrition with Berta Breakfast!

By: Eve PohlPosted On: May 27th, 2022

May 28th is World Hunger Day. Founded in 2011 by The Hunger Project, it calls attention to the global food crisis and seeks to offer hope through encouraging unified action and sustainable solutions.

Hope for Korah has been working hard to combat chronic hunger in the community of Korah since its inception. Many families only eat once a day and the quality of the food they can access or afford is extremely poor. Most of the children are underweight and struggle in school because they have not eaten.

Our Berta Breakfast Program provides children and youth with a nutrient-dense, high protein meal every day before school. They also receive bi-weekly vitamins and have their measurements monitored by medical staff against the WHO standards. Those who are flagged as malnourished receive additional support and supplementation. Nursing mothers and other adults who are identified as undernourished also have access to the Berta Program.

Poverty and food insecurity are inextricably linked. While the problem of economic disparity and worldwide hunger can feel insurmountable, sustainable solutions that build economic self-reliance offer hope to impoverished communities.

Hope for Korah is passionate about moving families toward self-sufficiency through economic empowerment. We provide business training, credit and savings self-help groups, and business start-up loans. In addition, our Family Empowerment Program works to break the cycle of poverty and hunger by giving women the opportunity to generate income for their families. We provide them with employment skills and artisanship training, which allows them to begin independently begin breaking the chains of poverty. It is such an honor to watch them step into self-reliance and confidence.

Building long-term, sustainable change through self-reliance and empowerment is core to everything we do at Hope for Korah. To partner with us or to learn more about the programs we offer that are working to combat poverty and hunger, check out our website. Please also consider donating to the Berta Program.