Highlighting Yisgedu on U.N.'s Micro-Small-Med Sized Enterprises Day

By: Eve PohlPosted On: June 27th, 2023

Today is the U.N.’s 6th annual “Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises Day,” which raises awareness of the importance of small enterprises in sustainable development and poverty alleviation worldwide.

Hope for Korah has developed a unique model of sponsorship that assists impoverished families in Korah to start and maintain small businesses with the goal of eventually becoming self-sufficient. Our Economic Empowerment strategy provides: education, life skills development, business training, social and emotional growth, business start-ups, and more! Mentorship, counselling, and access to self-help groups are also available to each family after they start their business.

Yisgedu's Micro Business

"Micro, Small, and Meduim Sized Enterprises Day" is the perfect opportunity to share a bit about how small business has changed Yisgedu and her children’s life…

Prior to sponsorship, Yisgedu could not provide consistent meals for her children. As a single mother this was devastating to her; we saw her unwavering determination to find a way to provide for her family. She joined the Economic Empowerment program and completed business, financial literacy, and life skills training and participated in adult literacy and cooking classes!

In Aug of 2022, Yisgedu started her own clothing business! She received a grant from HFK and a marketplace stall from the Ethiopian government to get started. Despite health challenges, she has been doing very well with her business and even received an additional grant to expand her inventory. Yisgedu has become a great example and role model for other women who are setting up their own small businesses.

Her family now has a sense of stability and hope for the future that would not have been possible without her small business.

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