Melkam Gena! A Christmas Cow!

By: Eve PohlPosted On: January 7th, 2022

Melkam Gena to all of our Ethiopian families, friends and staff! 

Melkam Gena.jpg

May God fill your hearts with peace and great joy as you celebrate and ponder the gift of His Son on this hope-filled Ethiopian Christmas Day! 

Meat is a rare treat in Ethiopia. Every year, to help celebrate Christmas we purchase chicken dinners for all of our families, which totaled 96 this year. Yesterday we were amazed to find out that the women from HFK's Basket Weavers' Association pooled their earnings together and purchased this cow for their holiday celebration!! It was shared by 12 families. It is so exciting to see our women become independent and stable enough that they were able to purchase something so special for their families. They must have felt so proud and amazed to see this cow! I know we sure were!

Christmas cow.jpg
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