Senayet - Perseverance Despite Tremendous Adversity

By: Eve PohlPosted On: March 14th, 2023

Today we want to highlight one of the courageous women that we have had the pleasure of working with—Senayet, a hard-working and loving daughter and mother of four.


Senayet’s first husband died not long after they had their second child. She later remarried but was abandoned by her second husband while pregnant. Of her four children, two have significant health concerns and it has been difficult for Senayet to afford the medications they require. She also supports her elderly mother who lives with her.


Prior to sponsorship, they lived in a very small home and Senayet used to beg on the streets to provide the best she could for her large family. She is a proud graduate from our Economic Empowerment program and now works as a guard for a local organization. As is true for many families in Korah, it takes multiple sources of income to make ends meet, especially with a large family; she recently started her own spice business using money she had saved and a special gift from her sponsor.


We visited her on our most recent trip and were so excited to see how well she has been doing. Senayet has lived a very difficult life but has demonstrated incredible strength and dedication to her family. This is a woman who has worked hard to keep her family together and persevered despite tremendous adversity. She is such a light and a great role model for all our families.

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