Shoe Shopping was Never So Much Fun!

By: Eve PohlPosted On: February 27th, 2024

Shoes are a big deal when you are walking the streets and alleyways of Korah, Ethiopia.

Yet many children and adults alike, wear long outgrown or worn-out shoes. Recently, through generous donations from sponsors and supporters, 300 children and 60 mothers from our family empowerment program were gifted shoes.
Shoe shopping was never so much fun!! Children and mothers were told "go and pick out your shoes and we will reimburse you a certain amount". And they did. And when every child and mother showed us the shoes that they had hand-picked for themselves they were beaming. We have never heard so many thankyous! And you can be sure that they will proudly wear these shoes in the days ahead.

SO, THANK YOU to each person who gave to help make this happen - we hope you enjoy the excitement and many smiles as much as we did…

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