His Hope Invites us to the Table

By: Eve PohlPosted On: April 26th, 2022

Signing to music, these beautiful young ladies passionately Stand with Korah.

Over the years, Hope for Korah has been so blessed to have His Hope advocate at various churches for our families! His Hope is a signing group of young women, led by Leslie Hoal, from Montrose, Pennsylvania.

In this musical performance, using sign language, these girls artistically and passionately "Invite us to the table." What is especially touching this year, is that our children in Korah have been learning to sign and respond back to the girls using this diverse and beautiful language.

Watch and enjoy, time at the table with Jesus in Korah…  the table is always set.

"His Hope" 2022

To watch last year's music video by "His Hope" go to HFK Blog post:  Joy! Uplifting Performance for Korah. 

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