Our Ethiopian Staff

The Hands and Feet of All We Do

Our compassionate and committed Ethiopian staff are the hands and feet of all we do on the ground in Korah. All HFK programs are administered by Ethiopians and we employ approximately 40 staff.  

Our Senior Leadership Team includes HFK's Country Director, Administrative & Finance Manager, Socioeconomic Empowerment Officer, Education & Youth Empowerment Officer, Medical Health Officer and North American Liaison Officer. Other staff members include social workers, nurses, general services, community and youth workers, tutors, teachers, caregivers, daycare nannies, cleaners, cooks, guards and administrative assistant/accountant.   

Many of our staff (75%) are from Korah themselves and if not for their employment with HFK, they could easily be the beneficiaries in our programs. By equipping and empowering these staff to serve their community and provide for their families, we are further impacting the entire Korah community. 

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