DONOR STORIES: Signing Students Bring Hope to Hometown and Ethiopian Mothers

By: Eve PohlPosted On: April 30th, 2020

“Our community suffered a few tragedies the week before this performance… So truly God was in this helping us heal and bringing us together to bring a message of hope to everyone - from Korah to our own hometown.”

Three years ago, I received an email from someone new. Her name was Leslie.

Leslie is the passionate founder and co-director of a children’s musical group called “His Hope”. She explained to me that their desire was to inspire the message of God’s hope using sign, motions and music. Their show has raised funds for many different missions over the years, but as of 2018, “His Hope” has felt moved to provide for Hope for Korah programs. Leslie said that she has felt inspired by the Hope for Korah story, as well as the people that she is continually growing to love.

Each spring, students from first grade to college-age perform for the community. The audience for “His Hope” has grown to over 200 people in attendance! There is no fee to attend the show – only an opportunity to give. At the end of the night, they share about Korah and extend an invitation to the audience to join in prayer and/or contribute a financial gift. We have been amazed by their incredible generosity as people are touched by the plight of those who live in Korah. Each year, “His Hope” highlights a different program and then uses their creativity to bless those who are most vulnerable.

This year, the “His Hope” group chose to support our Hope for Korah Daycare.

The Daycare has been one of our greatest needs this year. This program brings peace of mind to mothers in Korah, allowing them to participate fully in Income Generation and employment opportunities. “His Hope” has helped provide a safe, nurturing environment for these dear children by raising funds through sign and music. Children here are caring for children there.

I received an email from Leslie not too long ago, sharing the personal impact of their show this year: “Our community has suffered a few tragedies the week before… So truly God was in this helping us heal and bringing us together to bring a message of hope to everyone - from Korah to our own hometown.” She went on to explain how their community in Susquehanna County, PA was recently devastated by the loss of a teacher, as well as a young student. “God worked a miracle on March 8th, Leslie wrote. “There were many sad people who entered our doors to see the show and left with hope and gave generously to Korah”.

I was deeply touched that we were able to hear how an act of generous giving towards our Daycare in Korah brought hope to an entire community of hurting people! 

What a precious gift.

Thank you “His Hope” for all your support for the families and children of Korah, Ethiopia! You are making a huge difference in their lives, and we are incredibly grateful.

~ Karissa Schat & the HFK Team
HFK Programs & Office Manager
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